Ferrero Rocher Bars are launching in the UK and there are so many flavours to choose from

Anna Lewis
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Why is it that every time a chocolate treat gets turned into a chocolate bar, we lose it? There’s just something so fun about it. The Mini Eggs bar is an absolute triumphant. And don’t even get us started on those Smarties chocolate bars!?

So, when we saw that Ferrero Rocher bars were launching in the UK, we had to have a little lie down. And it looks like we’re not the only ones excited about this new chocolate launch.

Sharing photos of the many new flavours of the Ferrero Rocher bars - which have been readily available in other countries but not the UK before - @newfoodsuk wrote: "Ferrero Rocher bars are coming to the UK this year 🚨 We tried these bars last year and loved them, so we are so glad these are finally coming to the UK!"

And @johnssnackreviews was just as thrilled. He said: Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Bars! "CONFIRMED coming to the UK!

"These were out last year in Germany but have now been confirmed coming to the UK. Sadly, they're expected to be released around September 2021. But enough hype and they'll bring the date forward."

So, alas, we may have to wait until autumn for these to drop in the UK.

Let’s talk flavours… first up, you can get the original hazelnut bars in milk, dark and white chocolate. Then there’s also a milk chocolate bar with both hazelnuts and almonds. And finally, the white chocolate and coconut bar is perfect for fans of the Raffaellos you get in the mixed Ferrero Rocher boxes at Christmas.

Drooling much? Yeah, us too…

See you in September, you beautiful, beautiful bars.

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