Ferrero launches popular new Duplo bars in the UK and they sound heavenly

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Photo credit: Ferrero
Photo credit: Ferrero

Ever wanted a little morsel of chocolate without buying a whole big bar? That perfect extra pick up at the till? Well Ferrero may have the answer to your wishes, sorry Freddo.

The new Duplo bars from Ferrero have just been launched in the UK and Ireland and can be bought individually for 30p, in a double pack for 60p, or in a whole range of multipack sizes.

Chocolate experts from Ferrero have masterminded the new bars which feature two delicate layers of crispy wafer sandwiched and surrounded with a smooth hazelnut filling — this is the company that brings you Nutella, so expect big things — all coated in silky milk chocolate.

Being individually wrapped also makes them perfect for on-the-go, for snack time, lunch boxes and more. And their smaller size makes them a great treat for the whole family.

Photo credit: Ferrero
Photo credit: Ferrero

James Stewart, Marketing Director for Nutella, Ferrero UK & Ireland, said in the press release: "Duplo bars first launched in Germany and have since flown off the shelves, so we’re delighted to be bringing this much-loved bar to the UK and Ireland.

"Offering a delicious taste of milk chocolate, coupled with a unique, creamy and crispy centre, we’re confident that chocolate fans will discover the delight in every bite with Duplo. We can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks."

You can find them in the chocolate biscuit bar aisle in the supermarket or individually with the other chocolate bars in convenience stores.

Though we'd advise on the multi-pack, as we have a feeling these are going to be delicious!

The 5 pack is available in most retailers including Morrisons now at £1.20 RRP, while single bars are available in convenience stores now at 30p RRP. Additionally, Duplo Double packs will be available at 60p RRP and the 10 piece sharing packs will be launching at £2.50 RRP.

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