Fern Britton wows in denim shorts amid calls for her to return to This Morning

Fern Britton left This Morning in 2009, starting a new life on the coast in Cornwall.

It seems her seaside location has influenced her style, with Tuesday seeing the former This Morning presenter share a photo of herself looking lovely and laidback in a pair of denim shorts and a causal linen shirt.

Fern's relaxed summer style was a huge hit with her followers, with compliments pouring in from adoring fans who couldn't get enough of her decision to rock the shorts. "You're looking good Fern!" one commented, while another said: "Looking great and very happy."

Fern Britton smiling in a linen shirt and denim shorts
Fern Britton smiling in a linen shirt and denim shorts

A third wrote: "Never seen you so happy. Or looking so good," with a fourth adding: "You always look fab, but you are looking extra fab in this photo." A final was wowed by her youthful looks, writing: "Fern you look 21."

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Fern Britton's weight loss

Fern credits her slim figure to having a gastric band fitted in 2011, seeing her go from a size 22 to a size 12. Fern was completely transparent about the procedure and how it helped her lose weight and get healthier and spoke out about it in several interviews.

Back in 2011, she told the Daily Mail: "It's something I did for myself.

"My cholesterol was high. My knee joints were starting to hurt. I wasn't able to run. I was approaching 50 and I thought, 'Do you know what? I'm going to be different when I'm 50'.

Fern has maintained her healthy lifestyle all these years later, sometimes updating fans with her workouts on Twitter, including yoga and running, and what's most refreshing about Fern's weight loss story is that it's not focused on looks. Rather than to look a certain way, Fern lost the weight to feel healthier and to be able to exercise again, and that's exactly what she's doing.

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Will Fern Britton return to This Morning?

Fans weren't only commenting on how fab Fern looks – others couldn't help but query whether she'd be returning to This Morning following the departure of her former co-star, Phillip Schofield.

"High time you were back on the tellybox," one said, while another wrote: "This Morning's best host!"

fern and phillip schofield
fern and phillip schofield

Ever-classy, Fern hasn't responded to the cries for her to return to the ITV show, instead she's been busy promoting her book, The Good Servantwhich is soone to be available in paperback.

She shared a photo of the cover, writing: "Something for your holidays? Published in paperback June 8. Whether you do or whether you don't I still love you."

Fern Britton with her new book
Fern Britton with her new book

While Fern's fans are desperate to see her back on the TV, they love her writing too, heaping praise on her novels.

"Always know I'm on my holidays when I read a Fern Britton book," one commented, while another said: "My friend and I have just returned from a cruise and we both took your books to read unbeknown to each other."

The support likely means a lot of Fern, who's had a difficult month after a 'distressing' incident with the paparazzi.

Taking to social media in mid-May, Fern said: "A slimy paparazzi has left me really distressed and shaking. Home now. But scared to leave the house in case he's out there."

In the video, Fern explained: "I've just had one of those distressing moments out of the blue. There's a pap, his name is George Bamby. He's a menace, and he'll be proud to hear me say that. He's an absolute menace."

Fern Britton talking on TV
Fern Britton talking on TV

The post was flooded with messages, with one reading: "Hope you're OK today, Fern. So sorry you have to go through that kind of thing. It's hideous! Sending love!" Another said: "Hope you're feeling a bit better today lovely lady! Don’t do yourself down, you are beautiful inside and out! Sending hugs."

We're glad Fern is feeling better after her ordeal.

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