Female video game player, 19, ‘murdered’ by rival gamer

Maya Oppenheim
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<p>Ingrid Oliveira Bueno da Silva, left, Guilherme Alves Costa, right</p> (SBT/Instagram)

Ingrid Oliveira Bueno da Silva, left, Guilherme Alves Costa, right


A 19-year-old female video game player has allegedly been murdered by a rival gamer in Brazil.

Ingrid Oliveira Bueno da Silva’s body is said to have been found at the house of Guilherme Alves Costa in the south eastern city of Sao Paolo.

The young women, who played on an opposing team in the popular video game Call of Duty: Mobile, is believed to have gone to the 18-year-old boy’s house on Monday.

Alves Costa allegedly stabbed Ingrid in his home in the suburban district of Pirituba before sharing harrowing images of the killing online, The Times reports.

After Alves Costa was probed about why he killed her by police at his home, he reportedly said: “Because I wanted to.”

Fellow gamers have shared tributes to Ingrid, who was part of a group named Fantastic Brazil Impact, on social media saying they are “heartbroken”.

Commemorating Ingrid, who was known as Sol in the gaming community, Fantastic Brazil Impact said: “She was an extraordinary person, whom we will remember every day that the sun rises”.

Whilst the motive for this killing remains unclear, Brazil has the fifth highest femicide – defined as the gender-motivated killing of women – rate in the world, according to rights group Article 19.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has said killings of women are not an “isolated” issue but instead reflect sexist norms “deeply rooted” in Brazilian society.

Hundreds of women in the gaming world have spoken out publicly about misogynistic and predatory men they have encountered in the community.

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