Cruise captain teaches sexist troll an unexpected lesson

A female cruise Captain had the best response to a sexist troll. (Posed by model, Getty Images)
A female cruise Captain had the best response to a sexist troll. (Posed by model, Getty Images)

A cruise captain has delivered a brilliantly cutting response to a sexist commenter on social media.

Kate McCue, who works as a captain for Celebrity Cruises, posted a video to her various social media platforms in response to a message sent to her that read: “How can you be a captain? Your [sic] only a woman”.

Dressed in her captain’s uniform, McCue brilliantly shut down the troll by offering up a basic lesson in English grammar.

“Normally as I’m scrolling through comments and see something like this, I totally ignore it and move on with my life,” she said.

“But I think it’s about high time that I address this, because it’s 2020, and in this day and age I’m shocked that someone still doesn’t know the difference between ‘you’re’ and ‘your’.”

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McCue then took the time to explain the difference between ‘you’re’ and ‘your’ in a way she felt the sexist commenter could understand.

“Just a quick reference: ‘you’re’, as in ‘you are’, as in ‘you are sexist’,” she continued.

“’Your’ is something possessive, it belongs to you. Like ‘your ignorance’.”

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She concluded the short clip, by explaining that she is more than happy to provide further literacy lessons, should they be needed.

“Don’t worry, I’m here for you,” she said. “If you need any more clarification, you can find me here in my captain’s chair.”

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Unsurprisingly the video has been garnering plenty of love on social media with more than 156,000 views on Instagram and 4.3 million views on TikTok.

It has also received thousands of comments from people impressed with McCue’s handling of the situation.

“MIC DROP. Most bad ass captain around,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“Loved the way you handled this,” another agreed.

“Best. Response. Ever. YOU’RE amazing,” yet another responded.

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When the clip was shared via Twitter it got an equally favourable response.

As well as schooling trolls on their grammatical errors, McCue, who was the first American woman to captain a cruise ship, uses her social media profile to share her adventures on the sea.

She also regularly treats her 169,000 followers to updates on her cat, Bug Naked, who frequently accompanies her travels.

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