Felicity Jones Dishes On Her Beauty Secrets

28 May 2012

This morning we’ve got a hot new beauty crush. She’s British, gorgeous and utterly cool. Oh and she went to Oxford, won the Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival AND has starred in campaigns for Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana Makeup. Yep, it can only be Miss Felicity Jones then. You might remember her from her role in Chalet Girl alongside dashing Mr. Chuck Bass The raven-haired actress won her award for her role as lovesick college student Anna in the film Like Crazy and things only got better from there.

But what’s it like to shoot to sudden fame after ten yeas of acting? “It’s hard to find time to relax now,” she told style.com, “that’s why I cherish my time off more than ever before. I love watching films; I love cooking; I love being at home now, because I travel a lot for work. My favorite time is just to be in my home and cook and have friends over and talk.” Ah, a down-to-earth girl too! And has her skincare regime changed a tad since her student days? “I certainly take care of my skin more, especially now that I’m traveling a lot. I moisturize and drink lots of water when I’m flying; traveling forces you to be a bit kinder to yourself. When I was a student I had to do my own makeup behind the scenes in college plays. In those kind of environments—and even doing low-budget films—you all have to contribute. That’s what I like about doing them: Everyone has to bring something to the table.” Sounds right up our street.

It seems Miss Jones is something of a beauty queen both on and off set then… “As an actress, makeup can change your face and help you to create characters. That’s when you realize just how exciting it can be, how something as simple as combing your brows in a different way can change you. I’ve always liked the idea of the face and body as a blank canvas. Artists like Cindy Sherman interest me for the way she uses makeup; an awareness of your femininity is a performance.” Interesting! And there must be a few other beauty icons you are rather keen on Felicity? “I like different people for different occasions—I love Brigitte Bardot in all her outfits in Le Mépris, I love Grace Kelly in Rear Window, and at the same time I love Patti Smith’s androgynous style for everyday wear. I love Anna Karina, too, the Danish actress who was Jean-Luc Godard’s muse—that cat-eye look…”. Definitely agree on the Brigitte Bardot front.

And last of all, the golden question…  we wonder what Felicity’s fave beauty bits might be? “My essentials are black Dolce & Gabbana khol eyeliner and Dolce & Gabbana Rosebud blusher. If ever I need a quick fix these are the products I turn to—I love a little definition on the eyes and a sweeping of pink on my cheeks. It makes me feel refreshed and a little more together when I don’t want to wear a full face of makeup.” Good choice girl! A winning actress on all fronts it seems - check out our gallery of Felicity’s hottest pics and we defy you not to be star-struck…

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