Felicity Hayward's top three tips to feel more confident right now

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We live in a world controlled by the idea that we all have so called ‘flaws’. A world in which we need to change our appearance in order to be accepted in society. A world in which billions of pounds of products are sold to help us achieve this fake dream of standardised beauty.

I want to tell you three things I have learnt during my career as a plus-size model and body positivity campaigner, that will hopefully help you boost your self confidence and body image.

Photo credit: Felicity Hayward
Photo credit: Felicity Hayward

Ignore the size labels – if the high street sizing guide wasn’t already a headache in various shops, we now have a thing called Vanity sizing, in which certain stores are reducing the sizing labels, but keeping the same measurements, so in turn you will appear to be a size smaller in their store, and due to the pressures we face in society, the majority of us will want to shop where we appear a smaller size, but in fact it’s a marketing ploy to get you to spend more money.

The second thing to do, in order to help boost your self confidence is to write down everything that brings you joy, no matter how big or small. For example, I write down songs that give me an endorphin boost, a smell that brings back a memory, a family recipe that brings back nostalgia, a book that takes me to another realm.

Self confidence comes from joy, and if we aren’t actively writing down what brings us this feeling, no matter how small, life will ultimately get in the way and we will lose the sense of what makes us smile. A little notepad with reminders of what to do when you are feeling low is essential in my eyes.

Photo credit: Felicity Hayward
Photo credit: Felicity Hayward

The final thing I would suggest to boost your self-confidence is to recognise that there are no two humans on this planet that are the same, even if you have a set of identical twins, they still have different personalities, goals, desires and dreams.

Not everything is physical. You will never be like someone else, no matter how much pressure society puts on us to fit into that cookie cutter standard of beauty.

You need to understand that aspiring to be the best version of yourself, is the best place to be.

Self love, brings beauty, always.

‘Does My Butt Look Big In This? A Body Positivity Manifesto by Felicity Hayward (£16.99, Greenfinch) is out now in hardback and audiobook’

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