I Never Thought About Exfoliating My Scalp Until I Used Fekkai’s Apple Cider Detox Scrub

During the colder months, my skin gets drier from head to toe, including my scalp. The excess dryness leads to excess oil production and flakiness. I try to tame and manage the problem by using clarifying shampoos, yet it leads to more dryness. To top that all off, I regularly use dry shampoo to make my hair presentable and last just one more day. With all the flakiness, excess oil production, and product build-up, my scalp felt imbalanced and needed some love and care.

I never thought about investing in a scalp exfoliator. I thought that shampooing and my nails could do the trick. If not, I'm just a DIY from solving all my problems. However, I was clearly not making things better for my scalp. Just like our face and body skin, our scalp requires a certain balance of nourishing products and ingredients as well as active, problem-solving ingredients. Fekkai's Apple Cider Detox Scrub is one of those products that have the best of both worlds. Just after one use, it became a permanent part of my hair care arsenal. Keep reading for my in-depth review and how I like to use it.

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