Feeling Less Than Fresh After Last Night's Game? This Hack Claims To Cure Your Hangover!

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There's no doubt lots of sore heads waking up today after last night's England game. What a night, ay? But don't stress! Because we've just discovered an insanely-easy hack that claims to cure even the worst of hangovers, in a matter of minutes (yes, really).

TikToker, Wellness with Sakshi, has gone viral for her two minute hangover hack that involves using an acupuncture tool to soothe her sore head.

Hold up, acupuncture tool?! We know, you've probably not got one lying around at home. But don't worry, because you can just use the top of a ballpoint pen, instead!

In the TikTok video, Sakshi uses the tool to massage various areas of her face including her nose, cheekbones and eyebrows. She explains that by massaging each of these reflex points, it will help ease the hangover by suppressing the effects of the alcohol.

The TikTok itself has been viewed over 520,000 times and has 45,000 likes (and counting), with many people thanking Sakshi for her top tip.

It goes without saying, Sunday is going to be another heavy night! So guys, drink responsibly will ya. And make sure you stay hydrated please (lots of water is always a good idea).

Oh, and give this hack a go on Monday morning. You never know, we might have just uncovered the hangover cure of all hangover cures... You're welcome.

Now, where did I put that pen?

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