How To Feed Multiple People With Just One Steak

Steak on plate sliced in half
Steak on plate sliced in half - Aleksei Isachenko/Shutterstock

If you enjoy hosting dinner parties, you may wish to serve something decadent like steak -- but that can get quite pricey. However, you can get creative with it and use just one steak to feed multiple people, whether at one of those dinner parties or for a typical family dinner. You may be wondering how that's possible -- some steaks are big, especially ones that often show up on restaurant menus, but most are not big enough to split between more than two people.

As it turns out, the method for serving multiple people with just one steak is actually quite simple: Cut up the steak and integrate it into another recipe. This means that you won't be serving a steak dinner, per se -- at least not in the way that would come to mind. But, you'll be serving a meal that utilizes steak as the star of the show in the dish. And the best part is there are countless options for this method, from various Mexican entrees to pizza and more.

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Ideas For Meals Involving Steak

Close up of pizza
Close up of pizza - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

To feed multiple people with one steak, we can look to Mexican cuisine, which will give us a plethora of ideas. For example, you can opt for an appetizer and prepare loaded nachos -- one of the best sharing foods -- with steak, as well as other toppings like jalapeños, beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, or whatever other ingredients you want to add. Or, if you'd rather use the steak for entrees, you could fill up burritos with steak, Mexican rice, and black beans, along with grilled bell peppers and onions -- all of which can be made in bulk, making this a great option for serving multiple people.

If you're looking for something different, you could give your homemade pizza an upgrade with steak. Some toppings that would pair well with steak on pizza include caramelized onion, mushrooms, green peppers -- or all three.

Or, on the other end of the spectrum, you could choose a healthier route: salad. With steak as the protein of a salad, it may just seem more enticing. Tasting Table has a recipe for Steak Caesar Salad that may be the perfect starting point. Additionally, you could cut up the steak and use it as the filling for stuffed peppers, complete with your choice of cheese on top. Whatever you decide to go with, the steak will be put to good use with each of these ideas -- and is sure to please a crowd.

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