Here are all the new features coming to Uber, including teen accounts, group rides, and fancy car seats

  • Uber's latest products are focused on family and getting people together.

  • The company announced new features and updates on Wednesday at its annual product showcase.

  • These updates included accounts for teens, group rides, group grocery orders, and Nuna car seats.

Uber's latest products are focused on family and getting people together. Teen accounts and group orders are aimed at making it easier to ride and order food from the app for everyone in your home or friend group.

On Wednesday, Uber announced several new features and changes to its services at Go-Get, the company's annual product showcase.

"At Uber, one of the core values that we talk about is building with heart," Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said in a speech to the audience. "And if you're going to build with heart, you've gotta put yourselves in the shoes of your users."

These updates included accounts for teens, group rides and grocery orders, and a partnership with car seat brand Nuna.

Uber is also bringing back what Gen Z might consider an old-fashioned way to call a cab. Tech averse customers can now dial a 10-digit number to reserve an Uber ride, without needing to download the app.

Here are all the new features coming to Uber.

1. Teen accounts

composite image of three screenshots of teen accounts on Uber

While teens have used Uber before, now children ages 13 to 17 can have their own accounts  on the app that are linked to their family's profile. Parents and guardians can monitor their trips and take-out orders.

"It is all about helping you manage the craziness  that encompasses family life in 2023," Khosrowshahi said. "It has some incredible safety features embedded in it from the booking experience all the way to the end of the trip so that you as a parent can have peace of mind."

When a teen requests a ride, the app matches them with a highly rated driver and parents can track their location throughout the trip. Teen accounts on Uber will be available in some US and Canadian cities beginning on May 22.

2. Group rides 

Group rides on Uber allows up to four people with separate pick up locations to share one car headed to the same place.

Once you request a ride, you can share it with your friends and invite them to join your trip. Each rider adds their pickup location and the app determines the most efficient route. Everyone is charged individually based on the amount of time they spent in the car.

Group rides will roll out in the upcoming weeks, though Uber did not provide a specific date.

3. Group grocery orders

composite image of three screenshots of Uber group grocery orders

Beginning on May 17, a new group order feature on UberEats will allow you to split your weekly grocery delivery with your family or roommates.

Each person in a household can add items to a shared grocery cart and Uber automatically splits the bill. You can also create recurring orders and set deadlines so everyone on the account receives reminders to add their selections.

4. Nuna car seats

Uber currently offers an option on its app to reserve a ride with a car seat, however children had to be at least two years old and weigh between 22 and 48 pounds. On Wednesday, the company announced a partnership with baby-gear brand Nuna to outfit car seats for a wider range of ages.

Nuna car seats cost $550 and are designed without a base to buckle in, ideal for city life and taxis. In New York City and Los Angeles, Uber will offer Nuna's Rava car seat, a model that adjusts to fit several ages, from newborns up to children weighing 65 pounds.

5. Dial 1-833-USE-UBER

Customers can now call to request a ride without using the app. They can book a ride on demand or schedule one ahead of time by dialing 1-833-USE-UBER. After the call, the rider receives a text message confirming their trip information and the driver's information.

"We all know that not everyone is comfortable using a phone or an app to call an Uber," Khosrowshahi said. "Like my mother-in-law and for her, we have a product that's incredibly easy to use."

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