Fearne Cotton shares uplifting new year message with her fans on Instagram

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Photo credit: Stuart C. Wilson - Getty Images
Photo credit: Stuart C. Wilson - Getty Images

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Radio and TV presenter Fearne Cotton took to Instagram this morning (31 December) to share an uplifting new year message with her followers.

Fearne encouraged her followers to be kind to themselves, and not to get sucked into the idea that a new year means they must be a new version of themselves too.

Alongside a picture of the star wearing a colourful knit jumper, a caption read: "New year, same old me."

The presenter went on to say the new year can be a great time for making positive changes, but it's also okay to just show up and keep going as normal. She also revealed that she plans to continue learning in life, and won't put pressure on herself to not make mistakes.

"Tomorrow MIGHT act as a catalyst for some positive change so if you want to use it in that way go for it. Yet it is also just another day where we can wake up and chose to show up. I won’t make many promises to myself for the new year but I will commit to something and that is to keep going with what feels right to me and to keep making mistakes.

Fearne added: "Mistakes have gotten really warped of late. They’re seen as signs of weakness, a personal demise and often total cancellation of that individual. Yet show me a person who hasn’t made mistakes? That’s right they don’t exist. Each time we ‘go wrong’ we learn an invaluable life lesson no matter how small. I don’t know about you but I want to learn as much as possible in this precious life so I plan to keep trying new things and to keep occasionally getting it wrong.

"When I wake up tomorrow I’ll still be the same old me. No cooler, no fitter, I won’t have Pinterest worthy shelves or a peachy arse but I will continue to be me and keep showing up. Good vibes to you all. ♥️ #makemistakes #newyearsameme #2021"

We love this take on the new year!

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