Fearne Cotton feels confident now she's regained her post-baby body... but she won't be doing a Kim Kardashian 'belfie' to prove it - EXCLUSIVE

She was the envy of new mums everywhere when she seemed to effortlessly snap back into shape after giving back to son Rex earlier this year.

But Fearne Cotton has admitted that it took her a while to feel like herself again, after feeling 'unattractive' and 'bloated' during her pregnancy.

The TV presenter exclusively told Yahoo! Lifestyle that after a good few months she's regained her confidence and is having fun with the way she looks... but don't expect her to do a Kim Kardashian post-baby 'belfie.'

Fearne, who's has just launched her new cosmetics and beauty range at Boots, told us that make-up and style played a big part in making her feel good during those nine months.

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She said: ''I found when I was pregnant it was really, really important because I didn't feel attractive.

''I felt kind of amazing and beautiful in a way because I had this amazing thing going on, but I felt like, my God, I just look really huge and my face has inflated.''

Fearne continued: ''There's a really lovely phase after you've had the baby, and you've breast fed and been full-on mum, and then all of a sudden you can fit back into your jeans and you're like 'I'm me again'.

''It's a real moment and it took me about 6 months. When I got to that point I thought, 'right I'm going to have some fun with the way I look now'. But there's that transition phase where everything's getting back to normal.

''There was a seminal moment when I was on holiday in Ibiza and I felt a bit frumpy still and wasn't sure where I was at – and I thought, 'I'm going to dye my hair pink'. It was the little boost that I needed – I felt like a peacock.''

But would her regained confidence lead her to stripping off and posting a swimsuit snap a la Kim K?

''Oh god, a picture of my bum like that would look nothing like hers. It would be very disappointing, so none of that. I'll stick to hair colour!''

Fearne admits that she wasn't too concerned about getting back into shape after giving birth, taking things slowly and making small changes to her lifestyle.

She said: ''I was in no rush, just doing lots of yoga and feeling good about myself again. Not that I didn't feel good about myself when I was pregnant – you just surrender your body when you become pregnant, and then you get it back.

''I don’t always feel like I'm doing it well – you're just spinning plates. When you're at work you're thinking I should be at home with my baby, when you're with your baby you're thinking I've got a thousand emails to answer. It's hard to get a balance.

''You end up pissing people off and it's like, I don't care what people think – my main goal in life at the moment is to be a great mum.''

But while she might feel back to her old self, Fearne still believes in the transformative power of make-up and the effect it can have on your day.

She told us: ''It can be bit of a deal breaker for women. If I've rushed out the house with no make-up on or without thinking about what I'm wearing, I'll probably have bit of a sh***er day.

''Because I feel I haven't put my best side forward. Obviously this is on quite a shallow level but internally it does make you feel better. It's empowering for women to make the best of themselves.''

Right, now where's that bronzer.

Fearne Cotton's brand new cosmetics and beauty range 'Fearne' is now available at Boots.

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