Fearne Cotton has already taken her Christmas tree down in a hilarious video

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Fearne Cotton has already taken her Christmas tree down and did so in a hilarious video posted to Instagram.

It's pretty early to take down your tree. According to the experts 5/6 January is still the traditional time to do so. But with lots of trees going up early this year it's no surprise they're coming down early too.

Fearne replied to one follower questioning why it was being taken down already, and revealed: "It鈥檚 literally dead. When ever the cats walk past it 10000 needles drop 馃槀"

We've all seen those nifty 'tap to tidy' or 'click to decorate' videos where people make it seem as if transformations magically happen in seconds using before and after photos. Stacey Solomon is the queen of them and they're great fun.

Fearne noticed the trend particularly in the lead up to Christmas and wanted to see if it might save her the task of packing up the tree.

The star wrote: "I wonder if I throw a bauble at my wilting tree all the decorations and tangled lights will end up perfect wrapped in their boxes ready for the loft? It seemingly worked for many when decorating their trees in early December. Let鈥檚 give it a go!"

The playful video shows Fearne having no luck with the Mary Poppins style magic tricks and eventually start packing up her decorations the old fashioned way.

All those years in TV have made Fearne a pretty skilled camera woman and director as the little clip is pretty well-made.

We particularly love the opening shot on this amazing Queen bauble. We've tracked it down so you can have a better look.

It's now out of stock but keep your eyes peeled for next year.

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