Faye Winter will 'never' reveal her skincare secrets

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Faye Winter will never reveal her skincare secrets credit:Bang Showbiz
Faye Winter will never reveal her skincare secrets credit:Bang Showbiz

Faye Winter will "never" reveal her skincare secrets.

The 26-year-old television personality - who worked as a letting agent before placing third in the 2021 series of 'Love Island' alongside Teddy Soares - admitted that because she has suffered from "really bad acne."

She said: "I actually won’t talk about skincare. It’s the one thing I won’t speak about because I’ve been on such a journey with my skin, such bad acne, and what will work for me won’t work for you so I just don’t think it’s something that I want to try and give advice on."

Faye made the admissions when a fan asked her for skincare advice during an Instagram Q&A and went on to reveal that she still suffers with acne today and she finds it to be "such a sensitive subject" to discuss.

She added: "I still suffer really badly with bacne – I call it bacne – my mates, spots on my back. I don’t even like Teddy looking at my back. It’s such a sensitive subject for me. I just don’t really want to go into it.”

The telly star - who is known to fans for her indulgence in Botox - previously admitted that without taking the facial injections she would "look like a 60-year-old woman" due to "stress."

Speaking to Pretty Little Thing’s Behind Closed Doors podcast, she said: "We’re all trying to live in our little holes and just want to be in our relationships while trying to do the new jobs – and it’s just madness.

“And people question why I get Botox. That is it – the stress. I mean, I would look like a 60-year-old woman.

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