Faye Brookes a 'bag of nerves' ahead of Chicago rehearsals

Faye Brookes credit:Bang Showbiz
Faye Brookes credit:Bang Showbiz

Faye Brookes was a "bag of nerves" before 'Chicago' rehearsals.

The 33-year-old former 'Coronation Street' starlet admitted on Sunday (08.08.21) that she was feeling incredibly nervous about taking on the iconic role of Roxie Hart in the upcoming musical.

She wrote on Instagram: "Tomorrow is just the beginning of a long awaited moment… The moment we finally get to start our rehearsals for @chicagoonstag

"And it feels like the first day of school. Yes I’m a bag of nerves (because I care) But I also am stupidly excited to finally become Roxie! Honestly a dream of a role for me. So let’s do this.

"But for now my heads in my script, vocal rest, Dr Nelsons, Ginger Chews & the scores on a constant loop in my head! (sic)."

Meanwhile, Faye - who played Kate Connor in the ITV soap for four years before her character left to go travelling - previously revealed she landed the 'Chicago' role during lockdown.

She said: "It was during Lockdown two, I was going stir crazy, I was thinking oh my goodness what am I going to do? I’m not in Corrie right now, I want to do something different.

“My agent was sending me loads of self-tapes, it was the luck of the draw because there wasn’t much work coming through, everyone was suffering.

“Our whole industry went kaput for a while, 'Chicago' came up and I was thrilled as I’d never been considered for it. I’d never even been up for an audition.

“I think it was a timing thing. I sent a self-tape of myself singing Roxie Hart and all that jazz, and then had to do the whole tape where you just speak to camera, they can watch you and make notes.

“And then as soon as lockdown lifted I went down to meet them and I had to dance in this square box because I wasn’t allowed near anybody because of Covid.

“There was a full on jazz number that I had to do, which was great, and I had to sell it while dancing in this box which I did.”