Your Favourite Tissot Watch Gets a Perm

Murray Clark
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Photo credit: Tissot
Photo credit: Tissot

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Tissot does classic very well. Its idea of classic doesn't cost the world either, which is always nice, and it probably explains why the Swiss watch marque has enjoyed success since its foundation in 1853. Now, it's not just revisiting the archives for re-releases and re-re-releases of clean dials and Roman numerals. Instead, Tissot is looking to the Eighties with the Memphis Limited Edition.

Photo credit: Tissot
Photo credit: Tissot

Back in the age of a dangerously lucrative stock market and wild things called Kim, Tissot enlisted the help of Ettore Sottsass, the founder of design and architecture movement the Memphis Group. The late Italian creative honed a style that was colourful but clean, often geometric, and usually made in materials of terrazzo and plastic laminate. Imagine something in line with the Rugrats school of interiors seen in the Pickles' family home. Or, y'know, just Google it.

To celebrate the group's 40th anniversary, Tissot has reissued the original Heritage Memphis in four limited edition models. Each, a highly graphic, punchy but still wearable watch, is mounted on a black synthetic vegan leather strap with a more colourful alternative included. Changes from the original model include an enlarged dial, domed glass and a caseback that pays direct homage to Sottsass' signature style.

The watch doesn't technically go on sale until 26 March. But head over to Tissot, and you can check-in for pre-sale on a watch that was made before pre-sale was even a thing. Wild!

Available at, priced from £315

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