My New Favorite Shades Are Under $150, Polarized, and From the Brand Yesglasses

To be fully transparent, I have a strong dislike for sunglasses. I won't use the H*** word, but I can't stand how much I 1) spend on shades and 2) lose them. If I buy inexpensive sunglasses, they break, and if I buy expensive sunnies, they're lost in a week (my own doing, I know, but I can never win!). I've worn every pair of shades under the sun - pun intended - from Ray-Bans to Target to Warby Parker and more, but what's blown me away the most? Yesglasses. Fairly new to the lens market, the US-based brand popped up a mere four years ago and just recently caught my eye. While I'm not obsessed with the looks of its packaging, I will say the quality is unbeatable and the price is that sweet spot of not-too-expensive-not-too-cheap-they-break - ya feel me?

I picked up the Tortoise Browline Wrap Around Grandpa Polarized Sunglasses With Brown Sunwear Lenses ($138), and I'm obsessed with them. The lightweight sunnies are super comfortable, and they have a retro look about them that I like. I love their tortoise frame, and the brown lens color makes me feel like I'm living in an Old Hollywood Western film. The frames are scratch-resistant (which comes at a premium with other brands), and their case comes with a cleaning cloth for the times your lens gets dirty. The brand not only has sunglasses but also everything from prescription lenses to blue-light glasses to kids' eyewear and more. While this may be my first pair, I can confidently say it won't be my last! Check out the glasses from all angles ahead.

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