Our Favorite Monin Syrup Adds The Perfect Fruity Upgrade To Summer Drinks

Passion fruit drink on table
Passion fruit drink on table - Stefan Tomic/Getty Images

Monin syrups are to thank for some of the tastiest flavors out there, from lavender lattes at coffee shops to hot honey gin drinks at cocktail bars. The French-born company, which was been around for over a century, has an incredibly wide range of syrups in every flavor you can imagine. Tasting Table tried and ranked 20 of Monin's most popular offerings, and the winner just so happens to be a flavor absolutely perfect for summer — passion fruit. Passion fruit really is like a super fruit, combining the best of other fruit flavors all in one. It's tropical and sweet like a guava and mango, but that sweetness is beautifully balanced by citrus tartness and zing. Our ranking found Monin's passion fruit syrup to taste just like biting into juicy fruit, and with summer fast approaching, we're thinking about how to incorporate that refreshing magic into just about every kind of drink.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to cocktails, which you could make with standard alcoholic options or non-alcoholic wine or spirit swaps. One incredibly easy approach is the mimosa -- you could simply add ½ ounce of passion fruit syrup to a standard orange-juice-and-sparkling-wine combo, or you could make a grapefruit mimosa, swapping the orange juice for grapefruit juice and the passion fruit liqueur for passion fruit syrup. Passion fruit margaritas are also a go-to; mix up a classic frozen margarita with the delicious twist of an ounce of Monin syrup.

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Monin's Passion Fruit Syrup Works For Cocktails, Teas, And Sodas

Passion fruit drinks and slices
Passion fruit drinks and slices - Melaniemaya/Getty Images

Monin's passion fruit syrup would really sing in any cocktail or mocktail putting forth fruity flavors. You could reinvent your next mojito with strawberry puree and passion fruit syrup and do the same for Monin's "no jito," or non-alcoholic mojito. A passion fruit daiquiri is another easy upgrade on a classic, or you could get a little more adventurous by complementing the cucumber, ginger, and lime of a mezcal mule with passion fruit syrup. Then there's the porn star martini, which happens to be especially on trend right now -- it combines vanilla vodka and vanilla simple syrup with sparkling wine, lime juice, passion fruit puree, and passion fruit liqueur; you can swap the liqueur out for the syrup.

Beyond the cocktail realm, options don't come easier yet more irresistible and thirst-quenching than adding Monin's passion fruit syrup to sparkling water. With so many options when it comes to the best sparkling water brands, you could let the passion fruit shine with plain bubbles or make fruity blends by adding it to strawberry or lime or coconut. The syrup is a no-brainer for iced teas, too -- just add ¾ ounces. To keep flexing more creative muscles and experiment with Monin's passion fruit syrup for mouthwatering results, look to agua fresca or agua fresca's Venezuelan cousin, La Tizana. The syrup would really brighten the fresh fruits in the drink, and work with its effervescence to offer peak refreshment.

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