Our Favorite Iced Coffee From Dunkin' Is For All The Caramel Lovers

hand holding signature iced latte
hand holding signature iced latte - Dunkin/Instagram

The Dunkin' menu is full of flavors, but our favorite is for the caramel lovers. Tasting Table taste testers tried and ranked every Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee, from the blueberry and coconut to the butter pecan and toasted almond. While the worst is one you're probably not ordering anyway, the best is one that probably tempts your caramel cravings every time you see it. No, it's not the caramel swirl or the caramel cold foam, it's a drink much more appropriately named for its title: the Caramel Craze iced signature latte.

After tasting all of the iced coffees on the Dunkin' menu, our taste testers came to the conclusion that its not the go-to place for regular, unflavored coffee drinks. Rather, Dunkin' Donuts is the place to go for a coffee drink that borders on dessert — which is exactly what the Caramel Craze iced signature latte is. While a lot of the drinks come across overly sweet, the caramel used in the Caramel Craze iced latte provides it with depth and complexity, invoking flavors of brown butter, toasted sugar, and warm vanilla.

Paired with the chocolate notes from the espresso and the healthy helping of whipped cream on the top, the Caramel Craze signature iced latte from Dunkin' Donuts ventures just enough into the dessert category without going overboard. Although, the cinnamon dust did set our taste testers over the top — in the best possible way.

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What Sets The Caramel Craze Apart From The Rest

Caramel Craze iced signature latte
Caramel Craze iced signature latte - Crawford Smith/Tasting Table

Not only is our favorite iced coffee from Dunkin' for caramel lovers, but Dunkin' Donuts is the place for them. People have been trying to figure out where the coffee giant gets its caramel swirl for years. The thing is, though, you can't get it anywhere else — and, unfortunately, nothing tastes exactly the same. The caramel swirl is not a syrup, or as Dunkin' calls it, a flavor shot. It's actual caramel sauce made from a combination of condensed milk and brown sugar, which is likely what gives Dunkin's caramel drinks the rich depth of flavor.

In their hopeful search, and ultimate failure, at finding a caramel sauce that compares to Dunkin's caramel swirl at home, some have gone as far as to purchase containers of it directly from their local Dunkin' stores. But, it's unclear if that's actually allowed. It seems it depends on the location, and the price can vary. Some have reported paying as much as $35 in store, while containers can be found online for even more than that — with the jugs listed on Etsy for as much as $56.

It seems Dunkin' took notice of this, with rumors about it releasing bottles for purchase circulating around 2020. That's still yet to be seen, though. For now, caramel lovers will just have to keep runnin' to Dunkin' to get their fix of the Caramel Craze iced signature latte — or try out the caramel sauce brand our taste testers ranked the best.

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