Our new favorite double act could work together someday, as Pedro Pascal says he'd "love" to co-star with Kieran Culkin

 Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin.
Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin.

The highlight of this awards season has been the bromance between Kieran Culkin and Pedro Pascal – and it sounds like the double act could continue someday with both actors sharing the screen.

"I would love that, I hope so," Pascal told Deadline when asked if he'd like to work with Culkin. "If he'll have me. And if he's nice to me."

It all began when Culkin – quite randomly – gave an unconventional shoutout to Pascal in his Golden Globes acceptance speech. "Suck it, Pedro!" he said, before immediately apologizing. Pascal, for his part, laughed at the moment, then broke into fake, theatrical sobs.

Then, at the Emmys, Pascal addressed the moment onstage. The actor has recently been wearing a sling, and he joked that Culkin was actually to blame for the injury. "A lot of people have been asking about my arm," Pascal said. "It's actually my shoulder. And I think tonight is a perfect time to tell everyone that Kieran Culkin beat the shit out of me." While the audience found the moment hilarious, Culkin sat utterly stone-faced (don't worry, though, he laughed moments later).

Culkin took home a Golden Globe and an Emmy for his role as Roman Roy in Succession, while Pascal has been nominated for his role as Joel in The Last of Us. Pascal looks set to be pretty busy over the next few years, with The Last of Us season 2 going into production soon, The Mandalorian & Grogu movie set to film later in the year, and a reported role as Reed Richards in Marvel's upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

Culkin, meanwhile, will soon be seen starring opposite Jesse Eisenberg in the comedy-drama A Real Pain, which Eisenberg also wrote and directed.

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