‘Fast’ Surprise: Vin Diesel Teases 12th ‘Fast and Furious’ Movie, Says Studio Asked for Three-Part Finale After Seeing ‘Fast X’

The “Fast and Furious” franchise might not be ending as quickly as fans previously thought. The upcoming “Fast X” is being billed by Universal Pictures as the beginning of the end of the saga, which kicked off in 2001. The plan has long been to split the finale into two films, “Fast X” and the upcoming 11th installment, but franchise mastermind Vin Diesel let it slip at the “Fast X” world premiere in Rome that the finale might actually be spread across three films instead, which means a surprise 12th “Fast and Furious” movie might be on the way.

Variety has reached out to Universal Pictures for comment.

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“Going into making this movie, the studio asked if this could be a two-parter,” Diesel said. “And after the studio saw this one, they said, ‘Could you make “Fast X,” the finale, a trilogy?'”

“It’s three acts in any story,” added franchise veteran Michelle Rodriguez.

When red carpet host Naz Perez asked the duo if they were “confirming right now that we’re getting a third movie,” Diesel playfully cut the interview short and said, “You’re gonna get me in trouble here.”

“Fast X” introduces Jason Momoa as the villainous Dante Reyes, who is seeking revenge against the Fast family due to the death of his own family during the events of “Fast Five.” Rodriguez previously touted to Vanity Fair that “Fast X” ends on a massive cliffhanger that would lead directly into the next film, which until now was expected to be the 11th and final movie in the saga.

“It is not really an ending, but it’s also like, ‘You can’t do this to us. We’re your die-hard fans, you can’t do this to us!’” Rodriguez said about where “Fast X” leaves fans. “You’re going to feel so cheated in a way, but then so gratified and excited about what’s to come. I can’t divulge more than that, but get ready for a shocker. After 23 years of shooting these things, it’s really tough at this stage to shock me, and they got me good.”

Christina Hodson (“The Flash,” “Bumblebee”) and Oren Uziel (“The Lost City,” “22 Jump Street”) have already been tapped by Universal to write the 11th “Fast and Furious” movie (otherwise known as the second part of “Fast X”), which will be directed by “Fast X” helmer Louis Leterrier.

“Fast X” opens in theaters nationwide May 19.

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