Fashionable Baby Names

We round up some of the most fashionable baby names, from vintage gems to all-time classics.

Video transcript

- Ah, the good old days. They had some good old names. Here are the vintage names coming back into fashion. Did you know that according to experts, baby names have 100-year cycles. That means retro names from the 1920s will be making a comeback. The names Joan and Ronald are predicted to have quite the resurgence.

Joan was previously in the top 10 most popular baby names in 1921. But it dropped out of favor in the mid-1950s before falling out of the top 100 entirely. Justice for Jones. As for Ronalds, it appears that boys' names have a tendency to resurface as their nickname equivalent. So we could be seeing a lot of Ronnie's in the near future.

Thanks to period dramas like "Bridgerton," Regency names are trending once again. You may be seeing more baby Daphnes Penelopes and Antonys. And of course, the real British royal family have had an impact too, with parents adopting regal names for their newborns. George, Charlotte, Lily, and Archie have all proved popular. Clearly, the public think they have names fit for kings and queens.

Celebrities are even jumping on the old-fashioned bandwagon. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds opted for traditional names for their daughters, James, Inez, and Betty. If you need another sign that these names are super cool and relevant, then you should know that pop icon Taylor Swift namedrops all of the Reynolds children in her song, "Betty." Guess we know who Taylor's favorite is then.

If you're looking for a timeless classics, though, then try Elizabeth, Joseph, Sarah, Michael, or Mohammed. These handles, along with 10 others, make up a collection of names that have all made the top 100 most popular names list every single decade since the roaring '20s, very impressive. For more trending parenting content, head to