Fans think viral video shows Kanye West crashing stranger’s wedding in Italy

Fans think viral video shows Kanye West crashing stranger’s wedding in Italy

Fans have questioned whether a viral video shows Kanye West crashing a couple’s Italian wedding.

In the TikTok video posted on Monday (4 September) by @thedeansicker, a bride and groom could be seen standing next to each other as the bride shakes hands with a man dressed all in back with his face covered. “Imagine getting a pic with Kanye West at your Italian wedding,” text across the screen reads.

The man in black then stands next to the bride and groom, appearing to take a photo with the newly married couple. “Of course we know,” the groom could be heard saying as the man pulled down his mask to reveal his face to the duo, while his back remained facing the camera.

It is assumed that the man dressed in black then asked the pair where they were from, as groom answered: “We’re from Atlanta. We live right above Grant Park.”

Since being posted, the video has received over 70,000 views. However, there has yet to be a follow-up video or any confirmation that West is the hidden man in the video. But it hasn’t stopped fans from speculating that West, who has been in Italy recently, is indeed the man in the video.

“Imagine the bride being a Swiftie and Kanye randomly shows up at the biggest event of her life,” one comment read.

“Did you get other pics with him? That’s insane,” another commenter asked. “Imagine getting a pic with Kanye when he is completely covered,” one person joked in the comments.

Other commenters suggested it wasn’t the rapper because of how hidden the man’s face is in the TikTok. “Nobody would be able to tell that was even Kanye though,” one person commented.

“That’s not Kanye West. That’s a Patagonia sleeping bag,” another commenter joked. “I see no reason at all to assume this was him,” a third commenter said.

Some viewers questioned why the couple would take a picture with the rapper at all based on the former antisemitic comments he’s made. “Did everyone forget he’s an antisemite?” one commenter asked.

Another viewer said she “wouldn’t wouldn’t want him anywhere near me let alone my wedding”.

The TikTok video circulated almost a week after West and his “wife” Bianca Censori were reportedly banned from a Venice boat company following recent behaviour on board one of its vessels. West, 46, was snapped with his trousers down and his bottom exposed, while Censori, 28, appeared to be crouching between his legs.

Following the release of the photos, the boat company issued a statement declaring that the famous couple are no longer welcome on future trips. Both West and Censori have been banned from using the company’s services.

A spokesperson for the company said they were looking out for traffic on the water and therefore had not seen “these obscenities”. They said had the driver witnessed it they would have “immediately disembarked and reported the transgressors to those in authority”.

“In addition, there was a third person on board the taxi, who accompanied Mr and Mrs West, who obstructed the captain’s view to the stern in any case,” the statement read.

“We completely dissociate ourselves from such acts and behaviour. Mr West and his wife will certainly no longer be welcome on board our company’s boats.”

The Independent has contacted a representative for West for comment.