Fans think they've spotted Khloé Kardashian throwing shade at Kim on Instagram

khloé kardashian fans think she threw shade at kim
Did Khloé throw shade at Kim on Instagram?Sean Zanni - Getty Images

Khloé Kardashian fans think they've spotted the reality star throwing shade at sister Kim via a new subtle Instagram exchange. And this one is *slightly* savage.

The conversation comes after Khloé and Kim walked the 2022 CFDA Fashion Awards red carpet together earlier this month (7 November).

Pics showed the pair both looking objectively stunning, with Kim rocking a strapless PVC evening gown, while Khloé's underboob cutout dress was literally goals.

Fans online were quick to share their opinions on the looks, claiming that Khloé "outshone" Kim. Now, Khloé has responded to the fan convo, with some theorising that she's shading Kim in the process.

khloé kardashian fans think she threw shade at kim
Sean Zanni - Getty Images

Reacting to the pair's red carpet 'fits, one Kardashians fan account wrote, "Remember when Kim used to criticise Khloé for her style? Now Khloé is THE moment and she definitely outshined Kim this time [sic]." [via @@kimkuniverso on Instagram].

Now, eagle-eyed fans have spotted that Khloé actually liked the Insta post in question, speculating as to whether she was agreeing and subtly criticising Kim.

Sharing screenshots of Khloé's 'like', one Reddit user wrote, "Khloé liked the post lol."

Kardashian fans of course jumped to joke about the exchange in the comments, with one writing, "Khloé forgot to hop on her finsta for this one💀." Another laughed, "Next season [of The Kardashians] will be a 2 week episode about Khloé liking that post. Queue the dramatic music! [sic]".

Some agreed with Khloé liking the post, with one commenting, "As she should!!!" Meanwhile, others argued that, "Kim’s look is better here."

Hey, both look amazing if you ask us! And we know the Kardashian sisters love to poke fun at one another every once in a while, so we're sure there are no hard feelings here.

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