Fans are all saying the same thing about Red Rose, BBC’s new supernatural thriller

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Photo credit: BBC/Eleven Film
Photo credit: BBC/Eleven Film

Thriller lovers, there's a new BBC supernatural series on the block that explores the dark side of social media and the relationship between teenagers and the online world. Titled Red Rose, it's even been described as a "creepier Black Mirror". Count. Us. In.

Set in Bolton, Greater Manchester, the show takes place during the summer after GCSE exams and follows one friendship group that becomes infiltrated by an app called - you guessed it - Red Rose. Once downloaded, the app infects the person's phone and if they don't meet its demands, threatens them with some pretty frightening consequences. After only being released on the 15th of August, those who have watched it (which is a lot, btw) have all said the exact same thing - that they're hooked.

Taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the new drama, which was written and created by two Bolton brothers, Michael and Paul Clarkson, people have been praising the show for its exploration of Gen Z and the dark web and for being "just the right amount" of scary.

"Enjoying Red Rose the BBC 3 series, sort of a contemporary take on the Carrie vibe only set in Bolton the U.K. It's really quite dark without being gore laden," one fan wrote, as another shared: "Okay but Red Rose on BBC Three is actually so fucking good, I’m just about to finish episode 4 and it’s got just the right amount of scariness to it, like it just feels proper unnerving."

Others also chimed in to compliment the show, as one fan wrote: "Red Rose BBC 3. Very gripping viewing!!! Brilliant," while another said: "Really enjoyed Red Rose on BBC iPlayer. Tense, a little spooky, and a horrifying exploration of the dark web."

Red Rose is now streaming on BBC iPlayer.

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