Fans are all saying the same thing over Stormi Webster's first TikTok, and it's adorable

Photo credit: Christopher Polk/NBC - Getty Images
Photo credit: Christopher Polk/NBC - Getty Images

Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster are basically the iconic TikTok duo we all need right now, with Stormi popping up frequently on Kylie's account in a bunch of sweet vids.

Still, it looks like Stormi could be about to take Kylie's crown, as she's posted her very own first TikTok - and fans are all saying the same thing in response.

Stormi's new vid follows various TikToks featuring her and Kylie together, where we've seen the pair miming to viral audios, visiting Kylie's makeup stand in store, and just generally being adorable.

Now, Stormi has seemingly managed to grab access to Kylie's TikTok app herself, filming a hilarious video which Kylie then shared to her own account, writing, "Stormi's first TikTok 🤣."

Photo credit: Matt Winkelmeyer - Getty Images
Photo credit: Matt Winkelmeyer - Getty Images

The sweet clip sees Stormi, err, initially just filming the ceiling (with a small bit of forehead in shot - adorable!). She then gets her hands on a face-widening filter, filming herself and laughing before switching the camera to show Kylie - who's unassumingly eating pasta and appears hilariously surprised by the whole thing.

Fans have of course been loving the whole interaction, with many saying the same thing in response to the vid - namely making references to the now-iconic trending audio: "Stormi, you look like mommy, baby!"

The audio has long been a viral TikTok fave - though whether it's actually Kylie speaking in the clip is disputed (fans now say it's just a very good impression, though we'll be waiting for confirmation from Kylie herself).

Still, the fan response is pretty apt for Kylie/Stormi's latest vid, with the four-year-old seemingly following in Kylie's social media footsteps. Have a watch here:

Aside from comments referencing the audio, "Stormi you look like mommy baby😂🥰", others made links to another famous Kardashian-Jenner line. One commented, "Stormi baby you’re doing amazing sweetie!!" - of course in reference to Kris Jenner's infamous quote directed at Kim Kardashian.

Others were just big fans of Stormi's new TikTok venture all round, with one commenting, "at this point Stormi needs her own TV show 😭😭😭," while another added, "Stormi is here to take over TikTok."

Meanwhile, some followers were just pleased to see Kylie being more active on TikTok in recent weeks, with one commenting, "living for this new era keep feeding us."

Looks like Kylie and Stormi could be set to rival Kim and North on the old TikTok, eh?

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