Fans all say the same thing about Kim Kardashian's latest post

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Photo credit: James Devaney - Getty Images
Photo credit: James Devaney - Getty Images

Kim Kardashian has been busy: scoring her first Sports Illustrated cover, shutting down the Met Gala in *the* Marilyn Monroe dress and even heading to the White House. But then, what else what we expect from someone whose 'get up and work' speech became a viral meme? The woman probably grinds in her sleep...

Of late, she's also been levelling up her Instagram game with a neon pink two set and some seriously shredded jeans. Her latest post is no exception: a figure-hugging asymmetrical crop top with floor-sweeping midi skirt, complete with thigh-grazing leg slit. Topping it off are some glamazon accessories: an itsy-bitsy silver handbag, futuristic wraparound shades and stilettos that lace all the way up her leg. The fashion vibes are immaculate, that's for sure.

However, her fans are less concerned with her fit and more focussed on the likelihood that the image was photoshopped. This is definitely not the first time Kim has faced photoshop allegations, with her eagle-eyed followers even spotting differences in the carpet in two pics of her and Pete Davidson posted to Twitter and IG.

In this most recent instance, fans may be taking issue with the bright blue, curved background in her IG post which gives the pic a bit of a space age vibe. One user even commented "Okay green screen", gaining over 500 likes, while others wrote "i love this but you look so photoshopped in luv" and "Who’s editing this…."

Whatever the photoshop story, Kim's looking fab here. And you know what they say: haters gonna hate...

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