Fans react to Ryan Reynolds joining Tumblr amid Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover

Fans react to Ryan Reynolds joining Tumblr amid Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover

Fans have shared their amused reactions to Ryan Reynolds joining Tumblr amid Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

On Thursday, the 46-year-old actor shared his first Tumblr post, which included a meme from his hit film, Deadpool. In the days since, he has posted a handful of GIFs of himself on the platform, prompting mixed responses from fans to his page.

While some people claimed that Tumblr isn’t necessarily a place for celebrities, like Twitter has been, others welcomed Reynolds to the platform and encouraged him to share posts similar to what normal Tumblr bloggers would.

“I think the key to celebrities who survive Tumblr is that they understand we’re not here to follow them, they’re here to hang out with us,” one person wrote. “We’re here building a fort out of scraps of stuff we found in a dumpster and if Ryan Reynolds would like to sit down in the mud and contribute, he is welcome to. But the fort comes first.”

“You know maybe, we should let Ryan Reynolds stay - the guy has his likes and following hidden like a true Tumblrina,” another added.

However, some Tumbler users criticised Reynolds for creating an account, as they accused him of using the page to advertise his own career.

“Day three of Ryan Reynolds being on Tumblr,” one person wrote. “Listen, I love the guy but as right now it’s clear he just came here to advertise in his own special Ryan Reynolds way (every ad he makes is a s***post). Unless he genuinely starts interacting with Tumblr, ignore him.”

“Okay, since Ryan Reynolds apparently made a Tumblr account just a friendly reminder: Don’t seek out his blog,” another added. “Don’t seek out blogs of any brands or celebrities that come to this website. If you don’t want this place to turn into Twitter, block them and move along with your day.”

The responses to Reynolds’ Tumblr account came amid Musk’s takeover of Twitter, following the businessman’s purchase of the platform for $44bn last month. The Tesla founder is currently facing backlash on the platform after he urged “independent-minded voters” to back Republican candidates in this week’s midterm elections.

Days after he took over Twitter, it was also reported that the social media platform would be introducing a new plan to charge users a monthly fee to retain their verification tags.

Amid the changes, multiple Tumblr users have created pages to poke fun at the situation and to offer a social media outlet for people who want to leave Twitter. For example, one viral thread is specifically “welcoming” former Twitter users, with a post that jokingly reads that there “is no Elon Musk here”.

Along with sharing a slew of memes, the thread also explains why Tumblr could be more beneficial and entertaining than Twitter.

“This isn’t Twitter,” the thread reads. “This isn’t your average every day site. This is Tumblr. We’re crazy. We’re weird. We don’t fit in. We’re the fangirls…the Steven Universe Critical bloggers. We forgot what ‘normal’ was.”

Others have announced they will no longer use Twitter as a result of Musk’s control of the site, with a number of celebrities announcing their intentions to leave the platform.