Fans react to Nicki Minaj’s waist-slimming filter 'glitching' in new music video

Photo credit: Nicki Minaj - YouTube
Photo credit: Nicki Minaj - YouTube

Despite only dropping a few days ago, the music video for Nicki Minaj's new track 'Freaky Girl' has already amassed over five million views on YouTube – but some fans have raised concerns that a slimming filter, making Nicki's waist appear smaller, may have been used (and at one point, appears to glitch, showing a marked difference).

A side-by-side comparison shared by the Instagram account @problematicfame (which regularly points out the discrepancies between images shared by famous faces and the original photographs taken) has so far garnered 11,000 likes. A clip of Nicki's video was also shared, seemingly showing a bendy-looking fence, which may be indicative of a filter being used to make her waist appear smaller.

Captioning the upload, Problematic Fame wrote: "Nicki Minaj’s body filter glitches several times in her new music video and there is even a moment when it hasn’t been applied at all. The fact that this technology exists and is used to this extent is depressing, in my opinion. Sending Nicki only love, I hope she realizes how perfect she is without the editing. Keep the comments respectful, Nicki is gorgeous no matter what."

The post has been met with a mixed response, with one social media user stating that they didn't realise filters could be applied to videos, as well as still images (yep, sadly they can... is nothing real in this world anymore?!). "Damn it never occurred to me that they edit their music videos as well 😳," they shared.

Another added that they found it reassuring and helpful to see these things pointed out, given the damaging impact that diet culture and unrealistic body standards has had on them personally. "I just want to say I really appreciate your page. The f!cking pressure I was under growing up and honestly until now… this makes me feel so much better. Thank you 🙏🏼💓".

However, others weren't totally convinced that Nicki's proportions had been tweaked to being with, with one fan writing, "I didn’t see a glitch. I must be blind lol".

Another questioned whether Nicki was aware that a filter was in place (if indeed one is), "Man, this made me sad. Nikki is perfect without a filter. If this was 100% her choice, I absolutely respect that. I do wish she didn’t feel the need to use it though ❤️".

Cosmopolitan has reached out to both Nicki Minaj's team and Problematic Fame for comment.

In one of her most recent Instagram posts, Nicki shared a series of paparazzi photos of herself and seemingly gave a nod to accusations that she uses doctoring filters, saying, "I hate it when b*tchs say NO FILTER//NO RETOUCHING BUT UMMMMM. NO FILTER!!!! NO RETOUCHING ON U HOES TUHDAY!!!! 🥴😂".

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