Fans notice same detail during Adam Collard's first night in the villa

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Love Island has been a trip this year. From confusion and crossed wires over the meaning of the word "celibacy" to the funniest moment of the series up until now (which may or may not involve licking tits) it has made for particularly wild viewing. There have been so many twists and turns, including surprising theories from cast members and awkward morning cuddle controversies. Yet, of course, there has been one constant: curly script water bottles because, without those, it wouldn't really be Love Island, would it?

Chief among the big-hitting tv moments of the season so far has been the news that 2018 Love Island contestant Adam Collard would be heading to the villa as the latest bombshell. Yeah, you read that right. The return of the 26-year-old from Newcastle became public knowledge on Sunday 10 July and Love Island fans on Twitter promptly lost it, but the next day (Monday 11 July), Islanders were let in on the revelation too.

Adam was dropped off at the villa for the first time while the boys in the group were sent away for some pampering, leaving the latest arrival alone with all the girls on the island. Stepping onto the scene, Adam was met with excitement and questions from his female co-stars, some of whom even recognised him from his time on the show.

Quickly, he made his motivations in the villa clear, asking the girls who was in a couple and who had intentions to explore with other people, before telling Gemma that she and Paige most resembled his "type" and suggesting that he was looking for a serious relationship on the show.

Some Twitter users noted how Adam seemed keen to turn girls' heads in the villa and head straight for a relationship himself, potentially causing upset in the house.

The directness with which Adam began speaking to the girls seems to have rubbed Twitter up the wrong way, with many commenting that he seemed to waste no time before trying to insert himself into pre-existing couples - especially Gemma and Luca and Paige and Jacques.

It seems like Twitter is right on this occasion, plenty of chaos lies ahead...

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