Fans massively praise Selena Gomez for her 'real stomach' TikTok video

Photo credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images
Photo credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

We've always loved Selena Gomez for being so candid about everything from mental health to body image, both of which she's openly admitted to struggling with in the past – and now, the singer and actor has shared a seemingly unedited video of herself on a boat, refusing to 'suck her stomach in', which has been met with a tonne of praise from fans.

In the clip, Selena has remixed audio of someone saying "Suck it in!" and mimed the reply from another person saying "I'm not sucking sh*t in, real stomachs is coming the f*ck back. Okay?". And honestly, please can we just say it louder for those at the back? All stomachs are worthy of love and 'acceptable'. All bodies are worthy of love and acceptable, and it's just plain sad that somewhere along the line, we as a society have gotten that so twisted.

Selena also captioned the clip, which has been viewed over 14 million times, with the words 'Vaca self' (in reference to living her very best life while on holiday).

The message of the TikTok seems to have really resonated with Selena's fans and followers too, who were quick to jump in the comments and share how refreshing it is to see a big-name celebrity speaking so truthfully about a part of the body that, sadly, many of us feel self-conscious about.

"You make me feel comfortable in my own skin," one fellow TikTok user shared in the comments, while another added "Feeling confident and being comfortable in your own skin is what makes you beautiful. Love this."

A third person commented that Selena refusing to try and shrink herself to fit in with society's warped beauty ideals was 'refreshing' and another remarked, "you're probably the best role model tbh, ily Selena 😭".

Please keep on keeping it real, Sel, we only love you for it all the more.

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