Fans Are Loving Megan Thee Stallion’s Hilarious Review of Her First Pilates Class

Megan Thee Stallion.<p>Paras Griffin/Getty Images</p>
Megan Thee Stallion.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Pilates is a polarizing regimen. Many people have tried it and fallen immediately in love, making it an integral part of their workout routine. On the other hand, many people really dislike it, finding it a lot more difficult than they anticipated.

Where Megan Thee Stallion is concerned, the review is mixed. The American rapper shared a hilarious reel to Instagram following her first Pilates class, offering her thoughts on the surprisingly challenging exercise. “Pilates is not for the... weak,” she said in the video alongside a clip of her performing signature moves on a reformer machine.

“Look how my legs are shaking?” she exclaimed in the voiceover. Though she wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of returning to her Pilates trainer, she declared herself determined to make it a more regular part of her routine. “I’m going back to her and I’m whooping Pilates’ a-- because I ain’t going to let Pilates whoop me,” she joked.

“The Pilates trainer looked so concerned 😂,” she joked in the caption of the Instagram reel. Her fans absolutely loved her honest thoughts on the class, and took to the comments to share their approval.

“I love content creator Meg,” one wrote.

“I’m just here for the voiceover 😂,” another follower said of her hilarious commentary.

“One thing I love about Megan is she going to post and not care what anybody has to say about her,” another praised the singer for her carefree attitude on social media.

“I can confirm this pilates message 😭😭😭😭,” another follower backed up her hilarious review.

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