Fans of Love Island are all saying the same thing about this Luca and Jacques moment

We'd be lying if we said last night's episode of Love Island *wasn't* emotional after it was revealed that Jacques O'Neill was quitting the show. While the 23-year-old shared a tearful goodbye with Paige Thorne, who he was coupled up with, it was actually the farewell to his new BFF Luca Bish that caused quite the stir with fans.

ICYMI, Jacques used to date 19-year-old Gemma Owen - the daughter of footballing legend Michael Owen, but since being in Love Island HQ, she's been getting cosy with Luca. Despite this, the boys have developed their own special bond, and many fans have declared their relationship to be the strongest one in the villa. Luca even told Jacques that if he didn't feel what he felt for Gemma, he would have "walked out that door with him," and that the show "isn't gonna be the same without you." Aw!

So naturally, fans have gone *wild* and in the hours since his departure have taken to Twitter to express their feelings. One account wrote: "Still a better love story than twilight.... #LoveIsland," while another said: "Everyone when Jacques and Luca were saying goodbye to each other #LoveIsland."

Another was quick to get sentimental, typing: "WHY AM I CRYING AT JACQUES AND LUCA SOBBING SORRY BUT I AM #LoveIsland," and one fan even compared their emotional goodbye to that *iconic* Friends scene, writing: "Luca and Jacques are giving this scene vibes #LoveIsland."

OK, we are seriously hoping for a Luca and Jacques spin-off. ITV, can we make this happen please?

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