Fans are losing it over this subtle 'Barchie' moment in last night's Riverdale

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

It's fairly safe to say that Riverdale fans are not fully coping right now, after picking up on an adorable and intimate moment between Lili Reinhart and KJ Apa's characters, Betty and Archie, which viewers think hints at the idea that the pair are soulmates. 'Barchie' stans, today Twitter is yours.

We've been on a wild old ride with Riverdale over the years. From slightly too outrageous storylines to IRL cast break-ups and reconciliations, and we've stuck with the show through thick and thin. Well, now fans are pretty pleased they did, after a moment in a recent episode gave us all exactly what we were looking for; a very subtle (but definitely there) hint that Betty and Archie are meant to be together.

Fans picked up on a key scene during last night's episode, which was nowhere near as simple as it seemed, and they quickly took to Twitter to discuss the moment. Essentially, the theory goes that show producers are starting to draw parallels between Betty and Archie's scenes, with one fan spotting the similarity between an Archie moment in this week's [August 25] episode and a Betty scene in a previous instalment.

Meanwhile others pointed out that the characters' storylines are staring to run parallel to each other, with similarities in their histories and motivations popping up regularly.

We're completely, entirely, 100% here for it.

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