Fans are losing it over Alexandra Daddario's new bikini photo

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Alexandra Daddario looks like she takes her relaxation time in Hawaii very seriously, spending time lounging by a beautiful pool overlooking a nearby volcano. She posted an Instagram photo showing the view, and TBH, it looks incredible. But even more impressive than the volcano? Her seriously toned core and defined legs, which are on *full* display in a colourful, high-waisted bikini.

The actor received plenty of compliments from fans who were also admiring the view. 'WOW 🤩 ❤️🙌!!!,' a follower said. 'Queen status right here 💯,' another commented. One even went as far as to say, 'This is the best photo I have ever seen😮.' And I have to say that I agree with that one.

Wondering what Alex does to develop such a strong core and sculpted legs? First off, she loves yoga, and she's shared some of her favourite moves with her followers on Instagram.

Alexandra explained that practicing yoga helps manage her anxiety and improves her sleep, according to Self. This exercise keeps her feeling good both mentally and physically.

Before filming Baywatch, Alex added some other forms of exercise to her routine. 'I started doing weight training, which I had never done before, and I saw a huge difference,' she told Women's Health US. 'It was kind of amazing, the transformation I went through.'

But she wasn't talking about cutting back. She wanted to bulk up her muscle mass to help give her some 'visual lines of definition,' as her trainer Patrick Murphy said, per WH. Adding weights and resistance into her workouts helped her to achieve this.

Just look at that dedication:

In terms of her go-to meal, Alexandra enjoys simple, healthy dishes, like eggs-in-a-hole for breakfast and salmon with broccolini and quinoa for dinner, Delish reported.

Yum...I know what I'm making tonight. Thanks, Alex!

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