Fans left shocked after major new twist revealed in The Traitors

The Traitors continues to be one of the most gripping shows on TV right now and viewers were treated to another shocking twist at the end of episode seven when a teaser for what is ahead was revealed.

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Audiences were shocked as a short clip teasing the next instalment showed that the Traitors will be ordered to "murder in plain sight" as part of their next challenge. Taking to social media, fans quickly shared their reaction.

VIDEO: The Traitors face major challenge ahead after episode seven's cliffhanger


The twist sparked a shock among viewers and one person tweeted: "Just when you think this show couldn't get any better, they throw another curveball in for tomorrow's episode to murder someone in plain sight. What a programme. #TheTraitors."

A second agreed, writing: "'Murdered in plain sight' GLUP! Hide me behind a castle curtain so I can watch this play out. Murder mystery realness at its best! Bravo #bbc #TheTraitors."

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Claudia Winkleman in The Traitors
Claudia Winkleman in The Traitors

Claudia Winkleman hosts the BBC show

A third, meanwhile, added: "A murder in plain sight??! I cannot wait #TheTraitors," as a fourth was eager to share their theory on how the twist might play out, tweeting: "Murder in plain sight - a faithful get their letter and quietly leaves…

"Not allowed to clutch their throat and scream 'Aaagggh I’ve been murdered by Wi…' So it'll be easy to hand out the letter directly when everyone is distracted #TheTraitors I soooo want to play!"

Elsewhere in episode seven, following Alyssa's murder in episode six, Wilfred and Amanda were left pondering their next move. The remaining two Traitors decided to strengthen their hand and attempt to recruit a Faithful, choosing Alex in the process.

The Traitors contestants during farm challenge
The Traitors contestants during farm challenge

The Traitors will have to murder a Faithful in plain sight

But, although Alex wasn't told who in specific she was being recruited by, she "politely declined" the Traitors' offer and decided to remain a Faithful – a decision that disappointed the remaining Traitors.

Wilfred and Amanda were then left with the choice of murdering either Amanda or Amos, and their decision will be revealed in episode eight.

The Traitors continues on Thursday 15 December at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. 

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