Fans Are Disgusted At 'Creepy' David Letterman Interview With Jennifer Aniston

Catriona Harvey-Jenner
·2-min read
Photo credit: Ronald Siemoneit - Getty Images
Photo credit: Ronald Siemoneit - Getty Images


Since the Framing Britney Spears documentary was released recently, there has been renewed outrage about the historic treatment of female celebrities in the public eye.

As a result, various old interviews have resurfaced, demonstrating how women were put in uncomfortable positions while trying to carry out the media side of their jobs.

After a video of a 2013 Lindsay Lohan interview with David Letterman went viral, in which the TV host could be seen grilling the actress insensitively on an upcoming trip to rehab, another of Letterman's interviews is now doing the rounds.

This one, dating back to 1998, features actress Jennifer Aniston who is promoting her film The Object of My Affection, and it's not particularly pleasant to watch.

In it, the now-73-year-old talk show host goes off topic, saying: 'Forgive me if this is rude, I just want to try one thing.' He then swivels his chair behind Jennifer, puts a hand on her neck, and begins sucking a strand of her hair.

Amid the bizarre move, the Friends star lets out a shriek and asks, 'What are you doing?' while looking extremely uncomfortable. Letterman then passes Jennifer Aniston a tissue, and she looks entirely grossed-out while drying the piece of hair he put in his mouth.

All in all, the whole thing is quite painful to watch, and it's caused a bit of a stir. Over on Twitter, the behaviour in the video has been labelled 'creepy' and 'disgusting.' The Lindsay Lohan video, too, has seen a huge reaction; it's been watched over 11 million times, with viewers calling it misogynistic and rude.

The resurfacing of such videos has reignited a conversation about the way women are treated in the media, and people have rightly pointed out that such interactions would never pass now. Which is great, and everything, but it's still disconcerting to think they ever happened in the first place.

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