Fans defend Hailey Bieber after concertgoers chant insult at her during Justin Bieber concert: ‘Too far’

Fans are speaking out in defence of Hailey Bieber after concertgoers began chanting insults about the Rhode Skin founder during her husband Justin Bieber’s recent performance.

Hailey and Justin’s ex, Selena Gomez, have found themselves facing renewed feud rumours in recent weeks as a result of social media speculation. Fans and critics alike have suggested that the pair were fighting over seemingly innocuous posts on TikTok and Instagram.

Despite repeated efforts by Gomez to quash the rumours, many have publicly sided with the Only Murders in the Building star in the alleged feud and waged widespread criticism against Hailey a result.

The impact of the rumoured social media spat has now made its way into real life. Over the weekend, Hailey’s husband Justin was subjected to chants of “f**k Hailey!” during a surprise performance at Rolling Loud.

The chants took place towards the end of the “Peaches” singer’s set with Don Toliver at the California music festival. In videos shared to social media, multiple concertgoers could be heard yelling the insult.

The incident has since prompted an outpouring of support for Hailey, with fans of both the model and Gomez taking to social media to condemn the behaviour.

“As much as I dislike her, this is just so mean and wrong on so many levels,” one person tweeted, while another said: “I’m definitely not a fan of either of them, but I think this is going way too far. They are still human. Plus, we don’t know the whole story … We don’t even know if what we heard is true or not…”

Someone else wrote: “I do not at all condone the way she has treated Selena but it’s crazy how, in response to her bullying another woman, y’all decide the solution is to bully her.”

Others described the behaviour as “misogynistic,” with one person tweeting: “Very weird and extremely misogynistic no matter whose ‘side’ you’re on.”

“Idk and [I don’t care] what the drama is, but it’s so telling how quickly y’all become vocally misogynist - and always feel comfortable trashing the wife in front of the husband,” someone else tweeted.

As of now, neither Justin nor Hailey have addressed the incident. Though, Gomez previously urged her fans and followers to “be kinder and consider others’ mental health”.

The Rare Beauty founder made the plea in a TikTok comment this week, where she began by noting that she is “deeply grateful” for her fans, before admitting that her heart has been “heavy”.

“Please, please be kinder and consider others’ mental health. My heart has been heavy and I only want good for everyone. All my love,” she wrote.

The Independent has contacted representatives for Hailey and Justin Bieber and Gomez for comment.