Fans can't agree about this one detail in ITV's The Pembrokeshire Murders

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Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

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We're completely hooked on ITV's latest police crime thriller The Pembrokeshire Murders, which reached an explosive conclusion last night. But, even though the series, which stars Luke Evans, Keith Allen and Alexandria Riley, has reached its dramatic end fans are all still discussing one specific detail about the series: namely, the Welsh accents.

While many viewers were happy to hear real Welsh accents in the show, a number of them felt the specific dialect wasn't actually right for the Pembrokeshire area in which the series is based, prompting viewers to air their complaints on Twitter.

One person tweeted: "Started watching Pembrokeshire Murders last night and really enjoyed it. They did get the pembrokeshire accent wrong though," while another said, "Only problem with Pembrokeshire Murders is they all have a Welsh accent not a Pembrokeshire accent. No-one in Pembs says Mam. I can hear a Pembrokeshire accent a mile off."

However, others disagreed and were pleased to see real Welsh accents in the show. One viewer tweeted, "Brilliant drama great to see real Welsh actors playing welsh roles rather than people putting a false accent on," while another said, "Luke Evans should get to keep his own accent in everything."

The series is adapted from true-crime book Catching the Bullseye Killer, which was written by real-life detective Steve Wilkins and ITV journalist Jonathan Hill. The three episode show tells the story of Officer Wilkin's hunt for evidence that will convict serial Killer John Cooper after he was recently released from prison on parole.

The Pembrokeshire Murders is out now on ITV.

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