Fans Are Calling Chrissy Teigen Out on This Epic Photoshop Fail

Chrissy Teigen.<p>Variety/Getty Images</p>
Chrissy Teigen.

Variety/Getty Images

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Whether she’s posting about her lifestyle empire or sharing sweet snippets of her family life, Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram page is one of our favorites to visit. But when the SI Swimsuit model shared a post to promote a new product on Nov. 7, it raised a few eyebrows.

The 37-year-old’s Cravings by Chrissy Teigen brand just released a luxuriously soft bathrobe in a new color, so the mom of four aptly took the time to share it on her social media. However, the second pic in her carousel featured a terribly Photoshopped image of Teigen wearing said robe.

While some of Teigen’s 42.7 million followers on the platform took to the comments section to note that she must have been in on the joke, others assumed the model was trying to pull a fast one.

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“Chrissy. i love you. And I mean this with all do respect… but wtf is the 2nd slide 😭💀😂,” one person quipped.

“Why is your head photoshopped in slide 2 onto the curly haired model in slide 8? 🫢,” someone else inquired. “I can’t unsee it now 😂.”

@chrissyteigen said I’ll photoshop this myself thx 🤣,” another user joked.

“How does NOBODY understand that the second photo is a joke?!? 😂,” a different person asked. “you guys can’t be serious….”

“Do people not understand that slide #2 was on purpose and intentionally placed for comment engagement 🤫,” one fan pointed out.

Whether or not it was intentional, the robe, or as Teigen referred to it, a “pocketed snacking blanket,” can be yours for less than $100.

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