Fans balk at $750 T-shirts in Harry Styles’ HA HA HA Gucci collection

Harry Styles has launched a “dream wardrobe” collection with Gucci, including £500 T-shirts, a £310 printed tie, and a denim jacket and trouser suit that amounts to £3,550.

Fans of the pop star took to social media to lament the prices of items in the collection, particularly a US$750 (£500) black T-shirt featuring bunnies and the words: “You’ve got my devotion.”

The HA HA HA project is the result of the friendship between Styles and Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele.

Styles previously starred in the Italian luxury fashion house’s Autumn 2018 and Beloved bag campaigns, and frequently wears Gucci on the red carpet.

One fan wrote: “Harry Styles’ Gucci collection [is] called HA HA HA because we laugh when we saw the price and realised that we’re too poor to buy it.”

Another said: “Looking at the Gucci HA HA HA collection as if I can afford a US$7,000 purse.”

“Harry Styles Gucci HA HA HA is laughing about how broke I am,” a third added.

Others joked that they would require a “sugar daddy” to help them afford any piece of clothing from the Harry’s House singer.

Styles’ fans have previously lambasted the singer for expensive ticket prices to his shows.

In September, fans saw ticket prices for his Love On Tour shows surge due to Ticketmaster’s dynamic pricing feature, which pushed platinum tickets close to an average of £330.

According to Gucci, the collection “uses menswear as a tool of the avant-garde” and showcases an “eccentric use of romantic accents, whimsical prints, vintage details, and the expressive emotionality of the individual”.

In 2020, Styles became the first man to appear solo on the cover of US Vogue. For the cover shoot, he wore a pale blue lace Gucci ballgown.

The year prior, he was praised for wearing an all-black custom Gucci design to the Met Gala, featuring a sheer blouse with ruffles and lace, rings, a drop earring and painted nails.

He attended the Gala, which was themed Camp: Notes On Fashion, alongside Michele.