Fans aren't happy with the One Of Us Is Lying season 2 ending

Season 2 of One of Us is Lying has just dropped on Netflix, and of course, fans couldn't help but binge the newly available 8 episodes - probably all in one sitting. (We don't blame you, we've done the same before.) For some context, the drama series is based on Karen M. McManus' New York Times best-selling novel of the same name and follows a group of five students who walk into detention, but only four come out alive. Completely invested? We thought so.

But even though the second series has only just hit our screens (and the fact that there's been no word of a third season as of yet), fans haven't been shy about their frustration with the ending - *why* did they leave it on such a cliffhanger?

Of course, Twitter is the place to go in times of strife like this, and viewers of the show have been quick to take to the social media platform. "Can’t end One of Us is Lying season 2 LIKE THAT and not give us season 3 … RENEW IT NOW," one fan wrote, as another typed, "I just finished One of Us is Lying season 2 WTF WAS THAT ENDING."

Others were quick to join in with the conversation, as another fan said, "Just finished One of Us is Lying Season 2, was smiling over a happy ending THEN WTF IS THAT CLIFFHANGER #oneofusislying2," as someone else said, "I just finished One of Us is Lying Season 2 and... THE LAST SCENE IN THE LAST EPISODE???"

Well, you know what this means? Netflix is just going to have to commission a series 3 whether they like it or not. The people have spoken.

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