Skincare fans say this £4 Boots serum 'beats all the others'

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Photo credit: Vera  Livchak
Photo credit: Vera Livchak

We like Boots as much as the next person: they're a good place to nip into for holiday essentials, to top up on suncream and grab a good value meal deal every now and then. However, some shoppers have stepped up their love of the store after discovering a £4 serum that offers glowing skin after just one application.

Boots' recently launched a new skincare line that has received a slew of rave reviews, but it's the Boots Glow Essence Serum that has emerged as the star of the show, leaving your skin looking radiant, youthful and glowy.

In fact, it's currently the most highly rated product out of the Boots' range and claims to 'energise, hydrate and refresh' the skin.

'Beats all the other stuff I’ve tried! I love the ‘glow’ skincare brand. I’ve been seeking a good skincare brand for years, this is the best yet,' wrote one savvy shopper, while another added:

'I’ve gone through two bottles since buying - one of the only products that I actually notice a glow. Perfect at the moment as I don’t want to wear foundation. Smells amazing and feels so beautiful.'

You can read the rest of the reviews here.

Simply massage two to three drops onto cleansed skin before moisturiser, to leave skin looking brighter and feeling hydrated.

It also contains niacinamide, a form of vitamin B, which helps to plump the skin and has a mild, refreshing watermelon scent.

So, if you see us sporting glowing, summer skin, you'll now know our secret.

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