This Famous 'Wolf of Wall Street' Moment was Totally Improvised

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This Famous 'Wolf of Wall Street' Moment was Totally Improvised

"Sell me this pen!" Leonardo DiCaprio's Jordan Belfort demands of his friends seated around a table at a diner in The Wolf of Wall Street, pulling a pen out of his jacket and offering it out to anyone willing to take the bait. Jon Bernthal's Brad Bodnick, a drug dealer and friend of Belfort's, grabs it from him. "Why don't you do me a favour and write your name down on that napkin for me?" Bodnick asks Belfort, once he has the pen. "I don't have a pen," Belfort says. "Exactly. Supply and demand," retorts Bodnick, rounding out one of the most quoted exchanges in Martin Scorsese's 2013 dramedy based on Jordan Belfort's 2007 memoir.

As it has now been revealed, the whole damn thing was improvised. In a new episode of Hot Ones, Bernthal sat down for spicy wings with Sean Evans and discussed the making of the Scorsese film. (Of the director, he added that there's, "no one better, never will be.")

“I use it as a really good example of the way that Marty kind of works,” Bernthal explains. “When Leo was walking to the set that day, his security was a New York City detective and he said he had a job interview with the real Jordan Belfort. And Leo said, ‘Really? What was the interview?’ And he said, ‘He handed me a pen and said sell that pen.’ So, Leo, he didn’t tell anybody. He just threw that into that scene. And everything was reactive off of that.”

Watch the whole Hot Ones episode below.

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