Famous Bondi Vet under fire for releasing cat to the wrong family

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 (Bondi Vet/YouTube)
(Bondi Vet/YouTube)

The world-famous Bondi Vet, real name Dr Chris Brown, is facing criticism for releasing a cat to the wrong family.

On Monday (18 July), a woman named Katie Matthews posted a plea on Facebook to help find her cat Tara after she claimed Bondi Junction Veterinary Hospital released her to the wrong family.

According to screenshots of a chat posted by Matthews, the staff at Bondi Junction Veterinary Hospital released Tara instead of another cat called Lara, who are both tortoiseshell coloured.

“Hi, it’s Dr Julia from the vet. I”m sorry to have to message you this way,” the message read. “Last night one of our staff accidentally discharged Tara instead of a cat called Lara to a home in Bondi.

“They were both tortoiseshell and the person who picked her up was the grandmother and didn’t know what her cat looked like.

“She took Tara home and the neighbour came [over] and said it wasn’t their cat, and then of all stupid things they let her out.

 (Katie Matthews/Facebook)
(Katie Matthews/Facebook)

“I’m so sorry to have to let you know this. We are doing everything we can to find her.

“We have her chip. We will put posters everywhere and let council and all vets know.”

The vet continued by apologising to Matthews.

“I can’t believe it could have happened and staff will be appropriately trained,” the message read. “I cannot apologise enough and we are all really distressed as I imagine you will be. We are doing everything we can.”

In her Facebook post, Matthews provided a description of her cat and told everyone that her cat was boarding at the vet while she was away on holiday.

“Bondi Junction vets hospital have lost my cat,” she wrote. “Please can anyone let me know if they see Tara. She is grey with a ginger splotch on her face.

“She can be friendly, but is afraid of strangers… her collar has her name ‘Tara’ in diamontes and a round silver tag with a number to call.

“However, we’re both on holidays so please send a message or call Bondi Vet hospital on Ebley Street.”

Many people condemned the Bondi Vet hospital for being “careless”.

“Please don’t just let this slide if she’s found, ensure they do a full free check of her and get flea and worming done by them too,” one person wrote.

Another person added: “I feel sick reading this. Sorry to hear! Hope she is found mate.”

Bondi Junction Veterinary Hospital urged anyone in the local community to contact them if they spotted Tara.