Are You Familiar With All the Luxe Dr. Barbara Sturm Products Sold at Sephora Yet?

If there's one thing Dr. Barbara Sturm knows, it's skin care and science. OK, that's two things, but this doctor knows - and combines - them both in her medical background and her beauty treatments. With experience in anti-inflammatory medicine and a focus on nonsurgical antiaging skin treatments, Dr. Sturm created her Molecular Cosmetics skincare line to include everything from eye creams to enzyme cleansers, all using nonaggressive ingredients.

Lucky for us, that means these luxe, scientifically proven products are available to help common woes like dryness, hyperpigmentation, and premature aging - and can be found right at Sephora. They're already popular with celebrities and POPSUGAR editors alike, so will you be next? Shop the brand's top beauty products for healthy, glowing skin ahead.

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