“Fallout” Serves Up 'Unique Blend' of Bloody Action and Humor in 'Wasteland' Adventure — See the Trailer!

Prime Video’s TV adaptation of the popular video game franchise promises an "authentic" look at a lawless, futuristic world, more than 200 years after nuclear annihilation

Millions of gamers have traipsed through the post-apocalyptic future of the Fallout games, but even they may be surprised by what they find when Prime Video’s TV adaptation of the franchise hits the screen.

Set in the same world as those video games, Fallout, debuting on Prime Video April 11, follows a group of survivors scraping by more than 200 years after nuclear annihilation, including Lucy (Ella Purnell), a member of a peaceful underground community called the Vault, Maximus (Aaron Moten), a man who has lived above ground his entire life, and a necrotic bounty hunter known simply as The Ghoul (Walton Goggins).

Showrunner, executive producer and writer Geneva Robertson-Dworet explained during a press conference on Tuesday that the ambitious series was inspired by countries like Canada and New Zealand, which some may hold up as “peaceful utopias.”

“The reality is not everywhere is like those countries,” she said. “So we saw the Vault as basically a mirror to that, this idea that, what if we create a vault that is very peaceful and wonderful? But what does it mean that not everyone gets to live there and people suffer on the surface?”

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<p>Courtesy of Prime Video</p> Ella Purnell and Kyle MacLachlan in the Vault in 'Fallout.'

Courtesy of Prime Video

Ella Purnell and Kyle MacLachlan in the Vault in 'Fallout.'

Fallout's trailer offers intriguing glimpses into that world, opening with Goggins introducing the Vault.

"Hello there. I'm here to show you a wonderful place: a veritable Camelot in the nuclear age," he says. "Not made by God Almighty, but the working man. You could be a hero by purchasing a residence in a Vault-Tec Vault today, because if the worst should happen tomorrow, the world is going to need you to build a better day after."

The camera pans over a decimated Santa Monica Pier and Lucy poised to exit the Vault for the first time ever.

"The mission of the Vaults should be important to everyone," she says in a voiceover, adding, "To come up to the surface one day and restart civilization."

"Holy s---. You're an actual Vault dweller," a shop owner quietly exclaims upon meeting Lucy.

"I am," Lucy replies with a smile.

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<p>Courtesy of Prime Video</p> Ella Purnell explores a dystopian world in 'Fallout.'

Courtesy of Prime Video

Ella Purnell explores a dystopian world in 'Fallout.'

"I thought all you dips---s were dead!" the shop owner says with a cackle.

In a brief flashback before Lucy leaves her underground community, one of her friends warns her: "It isn't like the Vault out there. It's big."

Flash-forward: Lucy, aboveground, encounters The Ghoul, who pulls his gun on her.

"I've had a rough week," she says over a montage, including a moment where a robot tranquilizes her in an attempt to "harvest" her organs. "Practically every person I've met up here has tried to kill me."

Filzig (Michael Emerson), a scientist, warns Lucy in another scene to "go home."

"You come from a world of rules and laws. You should not be alone," he explains.

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<p>Courtesy of Prime Video</p> Walton Goggins in 'Fallout.'

Courtesy of Prime Video

Walton Goggins in 'Fallout.'

The trailer cuts to Maximus, who explains to someone off-camera why he's joined the Brotherhood of Steel, a military organization. "To hurt the people who hurt me," he says.

The trailer's focus briefly returns to The Ghoul, who proves resistant to a tranquilizer dart when Lucy shoots him, adding, "That is a very small drop in a very, very large bucket of drugs."

As the trailer cuts to another montage of scenes — armored aircraft called Vertiberds on the horizon, a robot terrorizing Lucy — The Ghoul explains how this dystopian world works.

"You look out at this wasteland, it looks like chaos," he says coolly. "But there's always somebody behind the wheel."

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<p>Courtesy of Prime Video</p> Members of the Brotherhood of Steel watch Vertiberds descend from the sky.

Courtesy of Prime Video

Members of the Brotherhood of Steel watch Vertiberds descend from the sky.

"The world isn't what it used to be," the trailer emphasizes.

As Maximus and Lucy stand side-by-side overlooking the wasteland, Maximus offers his own pithy observation. "Everyone wants to save the world," he says. "They disagree on how."

In the trailer's final moments, Lucy emerges from a building — her face, neck and chest covered in someone else's blood. Adds The Ghoul off-camera: "There you are, you little killer."

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All eight episodes of Fallout premiere April 11 on Prime Video.

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