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‘This Is Us’

Yes, Kevin’s addiction to painkillers makes total sense: He’s an actor on the verge of breaking big who doesn’t want to miss his shot because of a knee injury that already stripped him of a college football career, and the son of an addict whose death he still doesn’t want to talk about. But the show should keep doing mini-time jumps between episodes so we can move this arc along. No one wants to watch Kevin hide his problem from his family and his nurse girlfriend (no matter how great Justin Hartley is in scenes). And many of us don’t want to see the writers rely on corny, horny Toby for the moments of levity Kevin used to provide. — Mandi Bierly

(Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Fall TV fixes: 9 shows we'd like to tweak

Just because you enjoy a show doesn’t mean you wouldn’t suggest a change or two, if given the chance. Now that fall TV is in full swing, here are nine series we think could be even better — if they’d just take our advice.

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