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‘The Good Doctor’

ABC’s latest medical drama may be a formulaic blend of Grey’s Anatomy and House, but it’s the fall’s highest-rated new drama for one reason and one reason only: star Freddie Highmore. So why does The Good Doctor continue to insist on showing us scenes that do not include Freddie Highmore? The only time we want to see characters who are not Highmore’s Dr. Shaun Murphy are (a) when they are talking to Dr. Shaun Murphy or (b) when they are listening to Dr. Shaun Murphy talk. And if for some reason the story requires a scene that does not involve Highmore, The Good Doctor would do well to include a picture-in-picture “Dr. Shaun Murphy cam,” so that we know where our favorite character is at all times. — Kristen Baldwin

(Jack Rowand/ABC)

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